Value of Overseas Representation


Exporting is the next step in your business, one that can be profitable and a great way to expand your business. It is a way of spreading the risk of your business and diversifying the markets you operate in. Of course, there are many risks involved in exporting your product or service and it’s vital that you have a well-thought-out and strategy for expansion.

There is an infinite number of issues that need to be addressed when considering whether exporting is the right move for your business and Australian Culinary Foods is perfectly positioned to provide this type of service. We can work with you to determine what stage your business is at and which market is best for your product or service. We will then assist you in negotiating the many obstacles that present themselves in the export process.

With years of experience behind them, ACF will help you tackle things such as the initial scoping of the market, identifying marketing initiatives and strategies, organizing warehousing and distribution, and designing creative promotion for your goods or services.


When is it best to use overseas representation?

Your company is trading well and you feel your business is ready for the next expansion but you don’t really know how to go about this.

By using a professional representative who has your company business at heart, who understands how your business needs to go forward, and has extensive retail and international experience to make this happen. There are not many, and few and far between, who can do this cost effectively.

You will need someone who has hands on experience in the markets you want to export to. Someone who understands the mindset of the buyers in these markets and has the many years of retail knowledge. Someone that understands the logistics to cost-effectively promote your business in overseas markets. The representative who understands the margins your business needs to be profitable and who can guide you in your cost structure to be successful.

The representative who has your business in focus and gives you value for money spent; so you are able to use your overseas expenditure correctly for the best refunds you can get from your EMDG advisors.



Herman Claassens
Food Industry Marketing Guru
Australian Culinary Foods (ACF), Global Brand Resources, Cape Spice