In the last 20 years Vebiz have helped thousands of companies gain government assistance.

Some of our clients include: Cyclopharm Ltd, Macquarie Medical Imaging, Ocular Robotics, Skye Group, Tiger Lily, Australian Apparel, Iku Wholefoods, Kirstin Ash, Posh Foods, Paolo Sebastian, Song for the Mute, New Directions Australia, Australian Culinary Foods, Australian fashion Chamber, Delkor Rail, Don’t Do Pretty, Munster Kids.

We can help you pinpoint the right grant program and then simplify the application process.

Your business is likely to receive assistance if you meet this general objective – and know which boxes to tick, how to tick them – and when.
In our experience most applicants need support in order to obtain it. A high quality application has a greater probability of success.


From the first nervous meeting of two young country 12 year olds on their first day of boarding school, to assisting a Biotech company find solutions for Alzheimer’s Disease or the gratification of seeing Australian fashion designers work with the largest film studios in the world or be shown on the catwalks of Paris, it has been about helping the people we meet to create their own future by being there when we are needed.

It is now over 50 years since we met at a Sydney boarding school, a tough learning environment where you know you need to depend on the people around you.   We learnt that you need to know your stuff, don’t get cocky about it but use it when it is needed. We have been fortunate to see both our families grow into adulthood with these qualities part of the character of our children. With Stuart living in the Western suburbs of Sydney and Rob along the Northern Beaches, we have had different life experiences but our essential belief in working with people has not changed as we move towards our third decade making Vebiz a respected name in acquiring grants assistance across the spectrum of business in Australia.

Working in business with degrees in Accountancy and Computing, Rob has worked in London, on major Y2K projects (those over 40 won’t need Wikipedia) and with Australian government Grants for the last 20 years. His systematic approach to managing grants programs make him a great partner for any business to establish and keep systems that make meeting the eligibility and rules for grants programs.

Stuart’s Computing degree would not seem to have equipped him for being responsible for so many of the textile fashion industry grants that were successful for over 10 years after joining with Rob in his growing grant business.  Having a stint with a young family in the outback of NSW managing a sheep and cattle property makes you realise that while you need to be self-reliant, a helping hand should be accepted when it is available. It is the combination of logical thinking with desire to find solutions to problems that allow him to understand a client’s requirements and what they need to do to be successful with their grant applications.

Se we find ourselves happily balancing business with exciting, innovative, creative clients and families that now include university students and grand children into a blend that lets you work with us to grow your business and achieve your goals.