From Fremantle To Florida

To The Global Market

Desert Shadow PTY LTD is a company that was created in Fremantle, Western Australia in 2008. Since its inception it was destined to disrupt the existing (traditional) hair care market. In 2017 it moved to Sydney, looking to get closer to the vast majority of the market. Focused on sustainability, natural and organic alternatives; Desert Shadow started gaining international interest.

In 2016 Desert Shadow penetrated the US market by stocking part of the Certified Organic Hair colors in Wholefoods. It very quickly gained recognition and started sparking interest to various influencers worldwide. Desert Shadow’s strategy in the USA was, to set up a separate company that worked as a distributor and representative, set up a warehouse in Florida and have a door open to the Central and South American market at the same time, and participate in as many relevant trade shows as possible to expose the brand to other markets in the country.

After a few years of promotion, social media engagement, and targeted Google Adwords people in different countries in South America began to develop interest in the brand and its organic range. Businesses focused on organic and natural retails started to make contact with Desert Shadow to represent it. Soon after, the products were now being distributed in Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador and recently in Canada.

Thanks to the advice and mentorship provided by Vebiz, Desert Shadow was able to set and plan a proper and relevant marketing strategies every year. The right agreements were set and accorded with every distributor in all markets, strengthening the bond between the companies while setting an obvious and honest scenario for all the parties involved.  This has helped Desert Shadow grow substantially from a small Fremantle company, to one that is represented and sought internationally with many more years of growth ahead along with the new international partners, while continuing to focus on the importance of Organic Certifications and ethical businesses.

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