Creating Gateways For Australian Companies To Excel Locally and Internationally With The Help Of R&D Grants

Herman Claassens is a highly knowledgeable retail expert with more than 50 years’ experience in both large and small business. He has traded in the Australian and international markets, developed various brands and driven successful marketing strategies.

In 2002 he started his company called Australia Culinary Foods, initially focused in retail and manufacturing. Their mission, to create gateways for Australian companies to excel Locally and Internationally. They have created a unique and successful business model that works domestically and across the globe and its leadership team brings a wealth of experience across all facets of the organisation.

Now, Australia Culinary Foods has evolved into an Australian exporter and importing consultant in international trade. The company works with businesses, even organic food companies in exporting Australian-made products to all markets around the world. Over the years they have also helped companies overseas, from America, Japan, Korea, China, and Germany.

With their head office located in the Northern Rivers of NSW ACF, they have been developing and marketing products for almost 20 years. They have realised early the amazing potential Australian products have around the world and concentrated on creating a viable and sustainable business in Europe, and beyond. 

ACF is continually evolving, investing in research and development, and working with an impressive range of clients to continually provide a superior service they have maintained and nurtured over the years so that they can now give specific support for any company, manufacturer or individual. 

Herman has also set up a small factory in India, so now they are also exporting from there. He also has a factory in Malaysia where he has worked with a partner for 16 years, having it exported from Malaysia to Europe.

In the early years of his business, Herman met Robert and Stuart of Vebiz. Prior to working with Vebiz for his R&D grants, he initially had someone else as his grant writer and he wasn’t happy with the work. In those early days, he found that the grants were very helpful even if they were very tight in the way they were structured. He remembers when he wasn’t as experienced in the export and import business, so he had to learn it the hard way. With Rob and Stuart, he found their knowledge to be very broad as they bonded over their similarities and views on the business. 

While he highly recommends using grant experts like Vebiz, he advises that this is a two-way street. A grants consulting firm will only be able to help you if you help them as well. For them to be in the right place and direction, you should give them information on what you can and can’t do. He adds that specially in his line of business, there is a paper trail that needs to be followed carefully- from the ground riders, exporters, and manufacturers. You need to have an understanding of the disciplines from manufacturing processes, export processes, up to understanding the buyers. In the import and export industry, you need to find the right trading partners in that country who understand and meet your goals.

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