PURPOSE – The place for Purpose-Driven Business is Back in 2022

Since 2015, the Purpose Conference has explored, celebrated and amplified the growing momentum around ethical, sustainable and social impact business. In 2022, the conference is back with more world class speakers, boundary pushing ideas and life changing connections.

Purpose Conference
19 – 20 October 2022
Carriageworks Sydney

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We are thrilled to have spoken with Purpose Conference founder and event director Sally Hill about the upcoming event.

Read the full interview below.

Tell us a little about yourself and the Purpose Conference that is being held on 19 & 20 October 2022 in Sydney.

My background is in sustainability primarily pretty much my whole career. I’ve been really interested in the challenge of environment and sustainability. I am interested in it through the lens of business and their role in, where the problems that are associated with production and consumption, degradation of the environment, whether that’s climate change or biodiversity. Business is playing a huge role in that, but it can also be a huge part of the solution. So when you do see businesses really turn their attention to sustainable supply chains or engaging their customers around sustainability, there can be huge transformations that take place. In a moment, we’re going to have to deal with these problems through the lens of business and capital, and that’s what the Purpose Conference is all about.

The Purpose Conference is really about that Nexus between profit and exciting good business that are solving social and environmental challenges. It is engaging the business community at large around the challenge of sustainability and social issues, but also sees there’s a huge opportunity for cutting edge innovative, exciting brands that are at the forefront of solving these challenges. There’s a really exciting conversation happening this year around integrated reporting and the metrics by which we’re measuring businesses success on non-financial measures. Of course, financial performance is so important to all businesses, but how are we measuring their gains on natural capital decarbonization? And how do we make sure that businesses are valued for that contribution as well.

Who should attend the Purpose Conference?

There are a lot of events that fall into being quite like cookie cutter for example, there’s a standard venue and it’s easy, and that is totally fine as well. But with the Purpose Conference, we cared about the event so much that we went to extreme lengths to make it like the most beautiful, lovable, memorable event because we really cared about people having a good time there so that they had a positive experience of engaging with this conference.

We put a lot of thought into the journey that people go through over the two days, so it’s kind of your cognitive journey of learning.

We really try to keep the agenda super cutting edge and very contemporary to what we believe is the most exciting topics happening in the business world on each of the key themes – whether that’s climate or nature based materials solutions or diversity and belonging and how companies are approaching that staff. We try to find stories from companies who are at the very cutting edge so that it raises the bar.

Our venue is a really interesting space therefore the event will be a bit of a hybrid of what you might see at a music festival or an art event, or food and dining and music event and it’ll be visually stunning. But then you’re there to learn, and you’re there to connect with people around who are interested in sustainability.

How did Vebiz help you with their grants expertise?

Stuart Smith was fantastic with his advice since he has a wealth of knowledge. We were limited in the type of grants that were available however we were successful in securing a grant from Business Events Sydney. That has made a difference for us to feel confident in producing this event.

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