How R&D Grants Helped This Software and Hardware Self Service Solutions Company Innovate and Expand

Pit Stop’s Self-service Terminal Solutions was incorporated back in 2010 with a concept of developing in-house software and hardware for self-service terminal solutions. Pit Stop provides the best loyalty redemption and seamless self-service solutions by connecting with, and adding value to, a customer experience.

Joanna Bulseco, General Manager of Pit Stop touched on how Pit Stop initially started with developing self-service smart terminal solutions for the club space with terminals now installed in 65 + clubs. Club members would accrue loyalty points and redeem points to purchase retail gift cards through Pit Stop’s terminals. They started off with selling physical gift cards. Back in the old days, club members could only redeem points either by food or beverages within that club space. With Pit Stop’s self-service solution terminals, partnering with major retail third-party gift card suppliers, it changed the way how members in clubs could redeem their points by purchasing gift cards through Pit Stop’s terminals and being able to pay by part points and part credit/debit card in one transaction.

Before the pandemic COVID-19 hit, they always had a large focus on development work and enhancements to grow the digital and software space of the business moving beyond the terminal market. Last year, during lockdown they launched eGift it, their digital gift card B2C website and app platform in July 2020 and the B2B platform in mid May 2021 which has had dynamic growth.

Some of the key features that their customers love and keeps them coming back to eGift it, is there is no fee attached, they have teamed up with Australia’s favourite brands and retailers, personalise gifts, e-greeting card, wrapping, music and animation. Whether it’s 1 or 100 recipients, eGift it B2B can send digital gift cards in bulk at once by secure delivery via email and SMS. It’s great for promotions, rewards, incentives or to simply show your appreciation to customers, clients, employees, family and friends.

eGift it B2B (Business) Website:

eGift it B2C (Consumer) Website:

You can also download their B2C app, direct free download from the App Store if using a mobile device.

When Pit Stop was incorporated back in 2010, they engaged chartered accountants to do their financial statements, tax and R&D returns. Once introduced to Vebiz by one of their former associates, the R&D grew. Working with Pit Stop for five years, Vebiz has become familiar with what Pit Stop does and where the business development is going. Vebiz works with them closely and suggests any new grants coming in and any solutions that would take Pit Stop to the next step. The grants help the business take time and money for investment, especially in R&D, which is high risk, and supports strengthening the working capital of the business to keep going. The R&D has been the rebate of the business and it has really benefited and helped the company to get through during the pandemic. Vebiz assisted Pit Stop to retain the development, operating expenses and working capital during the lockdown, because that’s where the engine room allows development, not just commit but deliver new partnerships that are coming up.

Now Pit Stop is working on secured partnerships and opportunities by developing software solutions that would probably bring them more R&D. With the expansion outside of the club space, they are developing innovative technology and revenue sources to address both the gift giving markets and loyalty markets across the retail sector by growing their offering to customise and deliver solutions to any market. Currently, Pit Stop is leveraging their client base and focusing more on the digital space to adapt to the demand that people are looking for. Learn more about Pit Stop by visiting their website