How R&D Grants Helped This Software and Hardware Self Service Solutions Company Innovate and Expand

Pit Stop’s Self-service Terminal Solutions was incorporated back in 2010 with a concept of developing in-house software and hardware for self-service terminal solutions. Pit Stop provides the best loyalty redemption and seamless self-service solutions by connecting with, and adding value to, a customer experience.

Sydney-Based Jewelry Brand Expands Internationally Through EMDG

Kirstin Ash is a family-run jewellery brand that was started in 2008 in Sydney by siblings Nick and Kirstin Ash, who were originally from New Zealand. Being a medium sized business with around 20 employees, it is now a fast-growing company well-recognised in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

From Fremantle To Florida To The Global Market

Desert Shadow PTY LTD is a company that was created in Fremantle, Western Australia in 2008. Since its inception it was destined to disrupt the existing (traditional) hair care market. In 2017 it moved to Sydney, looking to get closer to the vast majority of the market.

Vebiz Client “Mumpreneur” Bags 5 NSW AusMumpreneur Awards

We want to share some exciting news from one of our clients. Michelle Ebbin from Newcastle, Director of JettProof, has taken out 5 prestigious awards in the 2020 AusMumpreneur winning first prize in the Product Design, Global Brand, and Product Innovation categories.

Federal Budget Changes

We would like to let you know about the changes to the R&D tax incentive as a result of the recent budget update. The best way is to forward the following summary that was written by Gerry Frittman of TCF Services. Rather than recreating or paraphrasing this, we want to acknowledge his contribution.

From Sydney to Lismore, Find Out How We Helped Our Client

Rob and I recently spent a week locked up in a farmhouse near Lismore writing a Bushfire Recovery Grant for a client on the North Coast. During our research it came to our realization that we knew just the right person who could help us, someone from 45 years ago: our former Housemaster (a very schoolboy term).

How Can I Track and Measure The Performance of my Growth/Investment Strategies?

In most cases, CEO’s of many companies are forced to respond to a crisis by focusing on the immediate challenges particularly when we are hit by an unforeseen circumstance, such as what we are seeing now, this is normal and acceptable. The question is

Ensuring Strategy For Success Amid COVID-19

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has significantly impacted consumer spending and business conditions. However, according to Mckinsey & Co most consumers are showing signs of cautious optimism, and to thrive in a post-Covid era brands will need to embrace digital and marketplaces to capitalize on

Value of Overseas Representation

Exporting is the next step in your business, one that can be profitable and a great way to expand your business. It is a way of spreading the risk of your business and diversifying the markets you operate in. Of course, there are many risks involved in exporting your product or service and it’s vital that you have a well-thought-out and strategy for expansion.

COVID-19 Application to Contracts

Whilst the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ultimate effect on our lives is nearly impossible to predict, we can already begin to see the disruption that the government’s mitigation measures will have on businesses and the Australian economy as a whole.